When it comes to Boudoir Photography in Tampa, we provide only the finest of discreet services.  We are very pleased to release our now Boudoir Photography Web Site.


Boudoir Photography becomes a very personal experience.  Our clients come to trust us.  They all start out a bit shy.  Because we have been doing this for so many years, making you feel at home is easy.. its time to let out that sexy inner you, to create a unique gift for that someone in your  life.

We know that you have choices.  We’d like to let you know how Robert Crum Photography is different.

We have many light controlled existing sets.  This means that your lighting will be perfect everytime.  Your backgrounds, always 100% appropriate. 
We perform “Boudoir Magic” where we can trim inches pounds, wrinkles, smooth tan lines, you name it.  There is no need to wait for the perfect body.  Let us digitally enhance your photos to be the person our lover sees you as.. not necessarily who the mirror and the lens captures.
We have been doing this for a LONG time.  Our Studio has been in South Tampa since the 1990’s.   Robert Crum Photograph is a long established studio.

We understand, because we have done this so often, all the butterflies that you will experience when you come for your Boudoir Session.  It’s a part of our art and craft to not just take your photo, but to pull that sexy you out in a natural way to spill into the camera, without your ever realizing that you have crossed the line from nervous, to having an absolute blast.

Give us a call.. Visist our new site.

We look forward to your Boudoir Photography Shoot here in South Tampa.


Don’t forget to visit our Commercial Website at https://robertcrumphotography.com
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