Tampa Commercial Business photography that is natural and has the genuine feel of confidence and warm feeling to get the viewer noticing. As a professional Photographer we see a lot of images and many that seems to be retouched and over retouched  with more than perfect look. This can easily be done by removing to many objects, such as lines, crows fee, shine, reflections, and also reducing the over body size to give the viewer a perfect image for the presentation. As the years change we know that the world had flaws so why not show just a few. This is  a way to keep the viewer expecting that the lighting may not be perfect or has some unwanted objects, and reflections in glasses that are there all the time so why not leave some of them in the final shot. At Robert Crum Photography we see the word changing and this is just a small part that is noticed daily. So keep the images more natural and love our beautiful word.