Tampa Studio Photographer Shares Lighting Tech for soft Portraits http://goo.gl/Y7Cd3 that make the best image of any subject. Soft Lighting for Portraits is a Must says Robert Crum Photography.  On some subject hard lights accents are important but with women soft lighting is a must. Soft lighting hides the imperfections that everyone has. small flaws or scars or  blotches of skin color and un even make-up can be hidden with soft lighting that has less specular highlights. Some back lighting is good and add shape and keeps the eye looking all over the image. In this case a darker background was use because the model did not have hair styled as much as she wish she had done and in this case less eye movement. With all of these things consider Robert Crum Photography create images that will last for a life time. This image with soft lighting had very minimal retouching.

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