Tampa Studio Photographer published Women Executive Headshots for business with simple background and a hint of separation light. Last week I had a call from a client that wanted a Professional women’s Business portrait for her Residence shot. As she describe that she did not want a glamour shot but a Strong business look and not a passport look. After welcoming her into the cool refreshing studio from the outside heat we began discussing the photo idea and I began setting up the lighting. Carefully taking a few shots as I was talking to her and keeping her at ease we both laughed and I grabs a relaxed  shot and then we talked and I gained a few more. After several shots I check and found 8 shots that I knew that she would like. After showing them her on the computer she both agreed that this one is the shot for here residence . Very little retouching to keep the shot natural and with the soft lighting there was very little retouching needed. Robert Crum Photography will make sure the client is happy with a wide scope of options for their new Executive image.