Tampa Bay Award winning Boudoir Studio Photographer shares a before and several after shots from a  1 hour session with Amy last week. Amy call the studio and ask about having some  photo take that was for her boyfriend and wanted something simple. So after meeting with her I decided that  soft shadows of her and  her jewelry would leave a lot of feeling in the overall design of the photo.  I also added lots of hair so that it would  keep it a bit more sexy but sill noticeable for her look.

 Over the years as a professional Photographer working with lighting, so many different types of photos can be made from the same subject .  I always like to talk to my clients and ask them what are they going to be using the photos that I create for, and , also if they are going to be use online or, make it into maybe some wall size prints. I can take the same image that I shot, and print it in a 4×6 size and then take that same image and enlarge it to maybe  4ft x 6ft size and you will be over whelmed by the difference that  that same image has taken on. Large become very impressive say bigger than life. But I always like to keep this in mind when creating images of my clients. If it is going to be used in maybe a 8×8 book for the boyfriend  it is still very important to create what  kind of images of themselves that they originally call me to create. This makes me become a very good listener because I look forward to show them how close  their Idea came to life for the needs of the session. Always keep in mind when visiting a Photographer what your intentions are in the session and how the image will be used and let the photographer be creative  and be prepared to say WOW!