Tampa Bay Professional Photographer Shares the secrets of Making of Great Head Shots.  Actor/Producer James Kelly left Hollywood, and on his way to a movie shoot in Atlanta, he came to Tampa choosing Robert Crum Photography to do a series of “head shots.”  It was important to capture Kelly’s ability to perform  in many different roles, from drama to humor.  Lighting…creating a comfortable and encouraging environment all served Crum to do the shot’s that truly reflect the actor’s personality and talents. Kelly asked Rob to help produce photos that were not just a “smiling face,” but rather, reflected the roles in which he has played….”the bad guy,”/”the cop gone bad,”/”the dark character” featured in many films.  Crum was able to provide his client.with successful and creative final products, because he listened to the client’s needs, and used his 30-plus years of experience to best serve his subject matter.  You might remember Kelly from movies like the Hang Over, Daddy Taxi and While the Cats Away.  You might know Crum from his exclusive and creative photography studio in Tampa Bay.